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The Candy Man Jeff

The Candy Man Jeff

December 23, 2020

Jeff Thompson has been around the podcasting world for a while and has been responsibile for a plethora and diverse number of casts on many topics.  Check out Blind Abilities on most any smart device to stay in touch with Jeff and his delightful team!  You can email Blind Abilities at;

Of course, you can always contact your hosts of Accessibility Moving Forward at; or call us at; 218-209-2133.  Thanks for listening!

Touching On Tactiles With Anne DeWitt

Touching On Tactiles With Anne DeWitt

December 7, 2020

You may view all of the features described in the cast at;

You can contact Anne at;


You can contact Randy and/or Bill at; or Google Voice Mail/ 218-209-2133

Louie Voice I Can Help You

Louie Voice I Can Help You

November 19, 2020
A new Android app in beta and you can participate by contacting Pramit.  Will this be available on other platforms? Listen to our cast and learn!
Louie Voice Control Download Link from Play Store –

If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to contact Louie founder-Pramit at Or call/WhatsApp at +919811886001
Facebook profile:
Linkedin profile:
Louie YouTube Channel:

Accessibility Moving Forward Do Not Touch It

Accessibility Moving Forward Do Not Touch It

October 23, 2020

A Fall Mash of what we have been busy about!  Demonstrations on the Zamkol and the Votomy blue tooth speakers!  How about all those new Amazon products?  The newest release of the Ring door bell systems and much moore!

Can You See What I See
Splashing Around With Dolphin Guide Connect or A Very Fragrant Fish Indeed
Shop Till You Drop and Eat Til You Pop
Randy is back in the tank!
A Walk Into The Mystic
An Amazon Smart Oven Review Just for You

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